Nutrition Company Privacy Policy

Purchasers of Nutrition Company software licenses are required to provide the following information: name, organization name (if applicable), physical address and, optionally, a telephone contact number. This information is stored in our user registry and is used to identify legally authorized license holders under The Nutrition Company's copyrights, the type of license held, and the revision level of the user's software. Such information also helps us to provide the most accurate technical support to each user.

At the time of purchase, transaction information is collected which is covered by The Nutrition Company's privacy policy. This information includes the credit card account number and expiration date, billing address, purchase order contents, and check information, depending on the type of payment used. Communications with The Nutrition Company including telephone, fax, email, and other written or electronic communications are also included under The Nutrition Company's privacy policy.

All information collected by The Nutrition Company, including transactions and communications as described above, is regarded as personal and confidential and is not sold to or shared with any person or organization under any circumstances except as required by law. Credit card information is used only to complete a particular transaction and is not retained by The Nutrition Company beyond 60 days after the transaction is completed.

The security of your personal information is very important to The Nutrition Company and we take every measure to insure its safe handling. If you have specific questions about privacy with respect to The Nutrition Company, please contact us by returning to the home page and clicking the Contact Us tab.

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